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Taipei is the current capital of the Republic of China, and as that, it is vivacious blend of traditional Chinese culture and cosmopolitan life. It is the center of politics, economy, education and recreation of the country and offers a wide selection of sights. Taipei city is located in the northern basin of Taiwan, taking the Dan Shui river, Hsin Dian river, Keelung river and Taipei Province as boundaries. It was originally inhabited by native people until populations from China moved in and settled there. Areas where the first permanent settlement took place contain remains of architecture, sculpture and ceremonial activities that took place in the temples and old streets. The population of Taipei city alone is around 3 million. Transportation in Taipei couldn't be easier: trains, buses, taxis and many other means of transportation. Taipei city is divided into 12 areas, 80% of those could be reached by MRT, which is one of the sign of a modernized city.As I have mentioned, Taipei is a mixture of old and new cultures. In order for us to remember and learn about Chinese culture, The National Palace Museum was built in the city to house hundreds of Chinese antique and art works. Numerous musicals, theaters and dance performances are held each year at the National Concert Hall, National Theater, Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall and the Sun Yat Sen. Also, the Taipei City Government organizes traditional arts, music and theater festivals annually. And of course there are celebration activities during the Chinese...

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1353 words - 5 pages Taiwan's literacy rate rising from 86% percent to over 94% in 1998.Taiwan's government's capital is located in the city of Taipei. There government is an elected Democracy. The first time that a president was elected to office and power of the office was transferred was in the year 2000 for a four-year term to Shui-bian. Taiwan's government is made up of five different branches they are the Exutive Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Judicial Yuan, Control Yuan

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1936 words - 8 pages lots of Hakkas overseas. Taipei City Government has collected concrete online database about the distribution of global and local Hakkas. Based on the database and other resources, I arranged the distribution into two parts: National Hakkas and Taiwan Hakkas. 1 National Hakkas 1.1 Asia Mainland China The biggest Hakka region is the boundary between Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi. From this core region, Hakkas are scattered to

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3940 words - 16 pages . The 100-minute exercise is attended by ranking officials, foreign delegations, overseas Chinese representatives, and the media in the Tsoying military zone near the southern city of Kaohsiung.October 9, 1995 The China Times newspaper reports that Taiwan has decided to raise its defense spending by 20 percent in fiscal 1996-97 (July-June), mainly to buy more military hardware. Defense spending, excluding personnel expenses, will be raised by US$1.5

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894 words - 4 pages Starbucks Coffee Coffee is not the main drink in my culture. In Taiwan, people used to drink tea. However, young generations like to pursue the Western culture. When Starbucks was launched in Taipei, I saw a lot of people go to Starbucks everyday. During the weekend Starbucks was very crowded with customers. Starbucks did many marketing researches in Taipei and the research information helped Starbucks to become a successful coffee chain in my

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3144 words - 13 pages who came to Taiwan after their party’s defeat. It was recorded that in 1949, 1 million KMT soldiers and governmental officials migrated to Taiwan, taking up at least 12% of the local Taiwanese population. Even among the original local population, a large percentage of them immigrated from Fujian, China in the last several centuries. The “Taipei Forbidden City” National Palace Museum contains a significant number of historical relics that were

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1260 words - 5 pages Hayao Miyazaki's Animation. (Master's thesis, Taipei University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan), Available from National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan. (003604684)Retrieved from http://ndltd.ncl.edu.tw/cgi-bin/gs32/gsweb.cgi/login?o=dnclcdr&s=id="095TNUA5249003".&searchmode=basic

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6576 words - 26 pages theory for tuned mass dampers. The original theory was based on an undamped single degree-of-freedom system subjected to a sinusoidal force excitation (Krenk and Hogsberg, 2008:1). Until now, applications of tuned mass dampers can be found in many engineering field, especially in civil engineering.The world most famous tuned mass damper was installed in Taipei 101, Taiwan (Kourakis, 2007). The 505 metre tall building has the first period mod of 7

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4413 words - 18 pages immigrants in Queens and Chinatown in New York City, using questionnaires and interviews. Significant changes of food habits occur immediately after immigration, though less for those in Chinatown. After more than five years in the United States, there is a reversal to some traditional food habits no matter where the people live. Respondents came from China, Hongkong, or Taiwan. The foods questionnaire is a composite of the Chinese food habit

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