Take A Look At What Tattoos I Want And Describes How It Plays In Society

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Symbolism plays an important part in the development of story and also in the society that we live in. This technique is used to give a significance to certain people or objects, which represent some other figure. There are many aspects in the society that may be considered symbolic. Some of examples are flags, hearts, the sun, birds, the sky, and so on. We use money as a symbol of power; the U.S flag and the dove symbolizes freedom. Likewise, flags symbolize appreciation and remembrances, especially to an unforgettable event like September 11th. Symbols used among teens today, however, are mostly body piercing and tattooing. A teenager gets a tattoo either because they want to express themselves in someway or they want to fit in with their peers though people who has tattoos are mostly seen as a bad reputation. If I were to a tattoo, my choice will be none other than the mouse, the shark and the camel.I have never got any real tattoo before in my life. I could picture how painful it will be when an image of a needle-like device will be pressed against my skins. Although when it is done, it will look nice and neat, the thought of it is very uncomfortable and uneasy. To me, when I decided to get me a tattoo, I want to choose something that fits my personality, something that I want to pursue or something that of meaningful importance. There are a good many things that I can choose from, but I myself, believe in the Chinese zodiac and want tattoo of a mouse, representative of the year of the rat, to show my personalities. People in the year of the Rat work hard for their goals and are likely to be perfectionists. They like to acquire possessions but are thrifty with money. Rat people are quite ambitious and usually very successful.I prefer shark tattoo to remind me to always be persistent and persevere against any problems or obstacles that I may come...

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