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Take A Penny, Leave All The Pennies? Essay Taking The Position That The Penny Should Be Taken Out Of Circulation In The United States

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Take a Penny, Leave all the Pennies?Think of the last time you were in a hurry at the convenience or grocery store. Doesn't it always seem that when you need to get in and get out someone is taking their time at the checkout by counting exact change or digging for pennies, and then you remember the times you've done it yourself to relieve your own pocket full of change. Or perhaps you never carry change around with you at all. You tuck it away in a jar at home as soon as you acquire it and dig it out once a year to pay a machine to convert it to paper currency. Even if none of these scenarios applies directly to you, ask yourself this question. If you see a penny lying on the ground, do you even bother to pick it up? If you do, is it out of superstition or do you consider it a financial gain? The fact of the matter is that the act of picking up a penny off the ground pays less than the federal minimum wage if it takes more than 4.9 seconds (Owen). The value of a penny is lower than it has ever been. As Americans, we have to honestly ask ourselves if it is worth keeping a unit of currency around that has such little value that we routinely refuse it as change or leave it at the cash register for the next customer. It is my contention that it not viable to keep producing it and that a plan should be put in place to stop minting the penny and to ease it out of circulation.When deciding whether or not it would be best to discontinue the penny, you must consider both sides of the coin. One of the most contentious points of the penny debate is the discussion of the possible repercussions of implementing a rounding system. If the penny is taken out of circulation, eventually all prices will have to be either rounded up or down to the nearest nickel. It is assumed that in such a system all prices ending in .01, .02, .06 and .07 would be rounded down, while all prices ending in .03,.04, .08 and .09 would be rounded up, as it has been done in Canada and other countries which have eliminated their one cent equivalent (Canada). Transactions using debit cards, credit cards or checks would not be affected. Penny proponents claim that this system will create a "rounding tax" which will negatively impact all consumers, especially the poor and other disadvantaged groups who conduct most of their purchases in cash (Lombra 433). In 2001, Raymond E. Lombra, Professor of Economics at Pennsylvania State University, conducted a simulated study of average convenience store purchases and released the paper "Eliminating the Penny From the U.S. Coinage System: An Economic Analysis" in the Eastern Economic Journal. Through his study of 5000 simulated purchases of 1 to 3 items from a convenience store, Lombra reached the conclusion that more often than not(60% to 93% of the time) the resulting price of a sale would be rounded up rather than down, costing consumers more money (435). He goes on to state that even a penny of rounding per person per day(or $700 million a year...

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