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Take A Sip Essay

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Jabril was magnificent, smart; successful; appealing to the eye and my parent would have loved him. I thank God for him walking into my life, for he guided me back to faith, however he was and is not my knight that would save me from the lonely tower guarded by the dragon yet; he was the ray of sunshine that shined brightly into the one window of the small room dungeon. Jabril and I built our rapport using a social actor, known as Facebook. I put a post stating I need new friends, following my post I received and email – from Jabril, who is now an associate; he and I shared correspondence for several weeks. We were well versed in the king’s language, English, creating a great foundation for ...view middle of the document...

After realizing he was who he claimed to be, the questions lessened. Six months after our initial conversation and questioning several mutual friends I began to feel more comfortable and less apprehensive; a true friendship had begun to evolve. Our email began to feel like a conversation, not and interrogation.
Months almost a year later Jabril became less of friend and more of romantic partnership; we began to rely on each other for emotional support. In addition our conversation became more frequent. Jabril and I correspondents became to frequent to stay on Facebook, our primary form of communication transition to via text. Changing our form of communication shifted the intensity of our romantic connection, for we had more immediate access to one another, further decreasing our level of uncertainty. Jabril and I communication initially began through a computer mediated source , more over it continued and grew into a romantic partnership that dwindled into a friendship.
This composition is about computer mediated communication and how interpersonal relationship development has moved online. It will identify the structure of socializing online and the way relationships are established. Furthermore, the composition will seek to explain a theory that derived from the study of interpersonal relation initiation using mediated communication In addition it will utilize previously conducted studies that explain the store about Jabril and I –using computer mediated Communication
Computer mediated communication have gained popularity in terms of initiation, development, and maintenance of interpersonal relationships. Mediated communication is involved in almost all forms of new and existing relationships. “Today society participates or observes in conversation using social avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and /or via text message to gain or information.
Computer mediated communication is in its youth years because technology advancement recently became a phenomenon in the world of interpersonal relationship , as a result is has become a popular study with different methodologies; translating into several theories. One theory is known as Social Information Processing (SIP)
Social Information processing theory was created by Joseph Walther in 1992(Ramirez). The theory provides insight on how people initial engagements start through texted-based on computer communication .Social Information Processing Theory (SIP) provides an explanation for how aspects of the communication process interact with technological features of media to foster the development of affinity and attraction in online environments (Ramirez). After the idea of SIP was introduces , it has been to test the building of interpersonal relationship in different social context ;it’s to explain online impression- and relationship-formation processes across a variety of social and task contexts including international workgroups, dating sites, and social networking venues.
The theory...

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