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Take Hawaii Seriously Essay

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Did you know that Hawaiian culture dates back to 400 A.D.? There are many things about Hawaii that are often overlooked today in 2013, including how America illegally overthrew the Hawaiian government in 1898, violating the rights of the natives. The Hawaiian Annexation is a very interesting topic that strongly connects to the 2013 National History Day theme of “Rights and Responsibilities”. The Hawaiian annexation is a very interesting topic because any person researching it would find out things about Hawaiian culture that they didn’t even consider. The Hawaiian Annexation also closely relates to the 2013 National History Day theme of “Rights and Responsibilities.” There are an incredible amount of amazing things about Hawaii that sadly not many people know about.
Hawaii was an independent nation for 88 years. Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit and learn about, with its strongly-developed culture and spiritual ideas. There are many things about Hawaii that are forgotten, such as the meaning behind the traditions. Hula, the traditional dance in Hawaii, is often represented as a silly thing to do for fun. Hula actually has a lot of symbolism, the arms represent the waves and the entire body represents the good harvest. Hawaii is also a very important place in history, because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and its role in America’s military. While that Hawaiian Annexation is a very interesting topic, it also strongly connects with the theme “rights and responsibilities.”
The Hawaiian Annexation greatly in line with the 2014 theme of rights & responsibilities. Rights were a huge deal during the Hawaiian Annexation because the rights of the Hawaiian natives were violated. There was a petition and several organizations in Hawaii that wrote to the American government trying to prevent America from taking over. To me that represents that while the Hawaiians were strongly opposed to America taking over, America thought that their reasons were bigger, better and more important and went along...

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