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To begin, Christopher Columbus’ description of the first interaction between Europeans and Native Americans did, in fact, foreshadow how the relationship between these two groups of people would unfold in future years. Also, the start of the European’s colonial presence in the Western Hemisphere would result in both short term and long term effects. Some of these effects will result in a positive impact, however others will maintain a negative aspect. Columbus’ first voyage will set the stage for a New World. All in all, this interaction foreshadowed the further relationship of these people as well as the new colonial presence of the Europeans in the Western Hemisphere.
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As one could see, Columbus was wasting no time throughout his many voyages to claim more land and resources for his country, Spain.
However, a very negative long term effect would also result from not only this interaction, but the new phase of exploration as well. Of course, slavery was soon a prominent factor of resulting wealth throughout the Triangular Trade System. Once the concept of slavery was established a new trade was introduced, bringing in wealth almost beyond belief. The Europeans realized that they had the upper hand in a technological battle that would soon ensue. And so, Europeans took advantage of their circumstances and were able to create great wealth in the act. At first, Columbus sees that these islanders would make good slaves because of their powerful bodies and outstanding work ethic. Christopher Columbus himself even says, “They ought to be good servants and of good skill, for I see that they repeat very quickly all that is said to them…,” (Primary Source). Even at that time slavery had already become a quite prominent idea. An idea that, in fact would result for many generations to come. From the first introduction to slavery here, the long term effects of this brutal concept would continue even until the 1800s and prejudice continues to exist in the world today.
Lastly, The Europeans would soon begin to expand their country’s ruling territory overseas, creating an expanded empire. Land would soon be taken by these foreigners from the Natives that thrived on this turf even centuries before. Europeans literally took away peoples’ homes from under their feet and sold...

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