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Take Home Exam Essay

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• Rapport starts on line 1 through line 99 and ends.
• Anatomy identification starts on line 100 through 164 and ends.
• Touch inquiry starts on 165 through 210 and ends.
• Abuse scenario starts on 211 through 296 and ends
• Closure starts on 297 through 334 and ends the interview.
2. In testing hypotheses in the abuse scenario sections it has been stated “ Exploring alternatives hypotheses is not a process of testing one hypothesis against another and should not involve introducing information into an interview or using leading questions.” This statement means that forensic interviewers should gather information from the child rather than to ask the child to confirm previously ...view middle of the document...

Also, to establish comfort the interview has to be acknowledgeable and respect the diversity of each interviewed. To develop comfort with a child must ask appropriate child centered questions, language, emotional state and culture along with their sensitivity. I believe right in the beginning on line 3 Betty felt comfortable with Diana because she explained to Betty what is was going to do with her and explained that she does it with every child. She also said it in a way for her to understand, relate and connect to by using a drawing. If comfort isn’t met and the child doesn’t feel comfortable or feel some kind of relation with the interviewer the child might not speak, close up or be afraid and will cause the interview to end.
The second objective is communication every child as a unique style of language skill, emotions, and individual idiosyncrasies. This objective is fundamental part of the Rapport stage because it’s a child sharing information with an interviewer. An interviewer has to become aware of the multiple ways a child can communicate and appropriate uses of communication techniques are necessary for communication between an interviewer and a child. A child can show communication through their language, behavior, and emotions. Also, children may communicate with nonverbal behaviors, facial expressions or gestures. In addition, a child can have a different style of communicating through the use of drawing may transmit valuable information, Betty in this interview was communicating with interviewer through using verbal answers, drawing and gestures. . For example, throughout the interview she was showing signs of wanting to draw or color something in lines 44, 91,166, 173 however, it seems like the interviewer didn’t really allow her to express her thoughts or feelings because lines 45,169 she keep asking her questions and avoiding her to draw. The child also show signs of being exhaustion in lines 266,286,288,290,304,306,310,312,314 and she keep asking her question after question and she keep saying no. I believe at that point she wasn’t respecting or aware of how tried the child was and probably allow for some valuable information to escape. Therefore, if the interview isn’t aware of how the child communicates it can sabotage the information given by the child and misinterpret the child answers.
The third objective is competence during this stage the interviewer should encourage the child to share information about his or her experiences in a way to maximize the child’s abilities and demonstrate the child’s individual competency. The interviewer should also gently push at the competence of each child in order to obtain an approximate understanding of the child’s cognitive, language and social skills. One of the way interviewers assesses a child competence is by having a child write his or her name on a piece of paper. For instance, line 128 Diana gives Betty the opportunity to write her name down above her drawing and...

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