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What are the principles of public health?
There are two difference approaches to show the principles of public health. One is including mission, core functions and ten essential services. The other one has 5 public health principles.

Firstly, the principles of public health are mission, core functions and ten essential services.
The mission is to achieve society’s interest in ensuring people’s health conditions.
The core functions are divided into three parts. The first part is assessment. Assessment means to do regularly and systematically collect, gather, analyze, and offer available information on the health of community with statistics of health status, community health needs and ...view middle of the document...

The last essential service is researching health problems in new insights and innovative solutions.

Secondly, there are 5 public health principles that is another approach to describe the principles of public health. They are epidemiology triangle, levels of prevention, passive and active approaches, multiple program targets and effective strategies.
Epidemiology triangle is three factors including host, agent and environment. Host is the person or the people who catch disease. Agent is the organism which can cause disease. And the environment is the environment where the host and agent get involved in.
There are three types of prevention. The first one is primary prevention that can prevent injury before events occur. The second one is secondary prevention that can reduce the severity of injury. The third one is tertiary prevention that can limit the long-term effect and disability.
Passive and active approach divides the intervention into two parts. Passive approach is the interventions that do not need individuals do something to change their actions but the automatic protections. Active approach is the interventions that need individuals do something and then become effective.
Individual level, societal level and environmental level are three levels in multiple program targets for change. Individual level concentrated in what to do with individual person. Societal level is more likely to do something with legislation. Environmental level is the society support or infrastructure.
Finally, effective strategy is after action following the strategy there will be desired effect.
What are the principles of public health practices/ investigations?
1. Community or population should provide strategies, services and activities to promote their health.
2. Community or population should provide healthy...

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