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Increasing the breastfeeding rate in metropolis in China

Breastfeeding is the prefect way that providing ideal food for healthy growth and development of infants; it is also an important component part of the reproductive process for the health of mothers (WHO, 2002). Breastfeeding has benefits not only for both mother and baby in health and family finance but also for society. The chance of disease such as type 2 diabetes, breast cancer ovarian cancer and postpartum depression would be decreased if mother breastfeed their babies. And babies would have a lower risk to get necrotizing enterocolitis, lower respiratory infections, asthma, obesity and type 2 diabetes. In ...view middle of the document...

Resource review
To describe the importance of breastfeeding, medical research is needed. According to the medical research, the health impact of breastfeeding can be briefly identified. Another, to describe the social benefit of breastfeeding, public health resources should be helpful.
To recommend some available and pragmatic solution of increasing breastfeeding rate, the policies, recommendations and regulations that published by association, government and officials should be exampled from other countries.
To identify the issue in metropolis, historical review is needed. So that searching dataset from WHO, other global organizations and relative local official is helpful.

Data collection
Besides historical review, to collect recent data, the most directly and efficient method is questionnaire. Making a questionnaire, and asking newborn mothers to fill it when they come to hospital to do the health check of baby. Objective questions are appropriate which are easy to calculate and analysis.

Data analysis
For those resources that collected from historical review, the analysis method is integration. To identify the issue obviously, figures, tables and charts are useful.
For those numerical data, the biostatistical analysis method and interpretation is appropriate, such as R commander.

To hand out and collect questionnaire, the workforce working in hospital, community clinic and other health staff are needed.
To deal with the huge amount of resources, the staff who can integrate information is helpful.
To calculate and analysis the data which is collected by questionnaire, statisticians should be the member of this plan.

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