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Discuss the public health surveillances system in terms of: 1. What are the requirements; 2. Its potential functions; 3. Potential ethical issues; and 4. Its application/ usefulness in public health practices/ investigations.
Public health surveillance is the continuous, systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of health-related data needed for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health practice (WHO. n. d.). the following context will separately describe the system in terms of requirements, potential functions, potential ethical issues and the application in public health investigations.
 The requirements
Organized surveillance requires collection of data, analysis of data, interpretation, dissemination of data and link to public health action.
 The potential functions
The function of surveillance are describing and supervising health events, priorities setting, planning assistance, ...view middle of the document...

The second main application in public health investigation is connected with public health action. Public health investigation can help with investigating and controlling disease, making a plan effectively, evaluating preventions and command measure and establishing hypotheses and motivating public health research. Except the previous two applications, the other usage of surveillance are checking hypotheses and improving the history of disease activity.

Discuss the important of accurate/ timeliness of date/ information and appropriate statistical method in public health surveillance.
Accurate and timely data is significant to do the effective decision making in almost every aspects of human activities, no matter it is given by individual, community or government. Accurate and timely data is the essential component to help government or other authorities to make different decisions. The timely data is helpful to detect sudden changes in the prevalence of disease. So that public health agent can deal with the problems in time. Limiting the place, person, age and race and ethnic group can increase accuracy of information and data. If the data is not accurate or timely, the public health agent may not do the better decision for a particular problem. Also if the published data is not accurate and timely, population would be misled. Due to misdirection, population followed the recommendation which is not suitable for the recent situation.

Choosing the appropriate statistical methods and analysis methods is important in public health surveillance. On the analysis of data with method of biostatistics, there are several methods to analyze different kinds of data. To ensure the result is correct, different data should be calculated and analyzed in their own methods. If there is a relationship between two pieces of data, but the method of analysis data used to process the data that has non-relationship between each other, an error would come out. As the result of incorrect consequence, public health agents probably make wrong decisions. The more serious problem is any incorrect and inaccurate decision may cause people’s health damage.

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