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In my family I’m the first child to go to college; both sides of my family are from rural areas and knowing their backgrounds, there wasn’t much talk about college when they were younger. I actually didn’t get the college spill until my later years in elementary school, where I was kind of a trouble maker when I was younger. You could always catch me in one of the principal’s offices. Then one day both my parents sat me down and asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Of course, as a child, we don’t always know what that was; but, I can remember them telling me that I was going to have to straighten up if I was wanting to go on to do something good. You could say yes that was probably a little harsh for a young kid to take in. But, at the same time I’m really glad they did because it did help open my eyes up to start trying to think of what I wanted to become. From then on I slowly started to mature and act right and try to do well in school, even ...view middle of the document...

I will say that it was for sure the best year I had in English, not a big fan of the writings, but they were kind of fun this year. All my other years in English were brutal, it literally felt like I was in a prison having to read a million stories and having to write 5 different types of papers for each one. If I could go back in time I’d really wish that all my English classes were like the one from this semester. I’d even go back to saying I’d also like having Mrs. Cohen as being my teacher. Who knows maybe after all these years it could have been the teachers that I had trouble focusing on instead of the physical learning of the work.

In today’s young minded culture, there is to much social media going around that is deteriorating the minds of those who could one day be of great responsibility. The way electronics have been taking off these days; have been helping with all the distractions that are among the younger crowd. Most kids these days want the new model phones that are out, cars, and other gadgets that would just make you sit there and think, now why in the world do you need that. The blame isn’t always on the child, as I do put a lot on the parents. They aren’t making their kids get out and play outside or get a job anymore. They’re letting them stay locked up in there rooms or be out somewhere with very minimal supervision. If you pay attention well enough, you can see just how selfish the world has gotten. Which is really sad, if you look back at a lot of historical stories and events, a lot of things happened out of generosity and care for others.

Many things that can be done outside of education to help improve kids to better themselves, is to always encourage them when things are tough or feeling impossible. Help them apply themselves to new tasks or duties that they feel interested in. Teach them some of the skills you learned over time so they can work on them and hopefully revolutionize the technique. Encourage them to take any extra courses that may be beneficiary to them in the long run, no matter how much they second guess the thought. Be that fearless leader that they can look up too and say to themselves, “I want to be just like that person.”

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