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Take The Bully Out Of School

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Students who commit cyber bullying should be punished with a suspension from school. Though some bullying incidents take place outside of school, schools should still hold their responsibility before it is too late. Cyber bullying is different from other forms of bullying. Cyber bullying is different because, cyber bullying has documented proof. There are no “two sides to every story” Not only cyber bullying, but all forms of bullying is one major cause in teen suicide. Bullying has reached epic proportions now because bullies have total access to their victims via technology. Cyber Bullying should be recognized because bullying can cause discomfort to the victim, because of this matter ...view middle of the document...

“According to the study’s young participants, ninety-five percent of what happens online was intended as a joke and only five percent was intended to harm” (Hudson par. 1). “What we’re seeing is that kids don’t equate cyberbullying with traditional forms of schoolyard bullying” (Hudson par. 1). On the other hand, Bullying is bullying. Bullying does not come in different forms, shapes, or sizes. Bullying is defined to target and harm another person. Michele Ybarra stated, “We assume it’s this overwhelming thing, that everybody’s being bullied and it’s inescapable—that’s not totally accurate” (Briggs par. 2). However, bullying is not recognized until it is too late. Teens’ taking their lives because of another individual’s words is considered overwhelming? According to NBC News, “High profile cases of youth suicides blames on cyber bullying such as Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers University student who committed suicide after his roommate used a webcam to spy on his encounter with another man” (Briggs par. 3). “It is known that students who traditionally bully report they feel indifferent to their victim, showing a lack of empathy and that they themselves are at increased risk for psychosocial adjustment” (Campbell par. 1). However, the golden rule state do unto others as you would want them to do onto you. Most students who cyber bully do not think that their bullying was harsh or that they had an impact on their victims (____). On the other hand, one person can hide their emotions for so long, just until the victim is pushed so far.
According to a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development study released in September, “Approximately thirty percent of all kids are bullies, victims of bullies or both” (SPLC par. 6). Schools should suspend students who bully others. It is a distraction of instructional time and students are not able to function. No parent should be afraid for their child going to school in a safe environment. No student should have to worry about what...

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