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Taking A Break For College? Essay

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In the world, Education is an important key when attempting to apply for a job. Most of them require a college degree or higher. High school students shouldn't take a year off before entering college. When doing so they decide to not continue school, forget the requirements needed to remain in college, and stay in college more years than expected for graduating.
In the last year of high school most students are wrapping up the remaining credits needed to graduate. There usually consist of one or two major core classes and the rest are electives or early dismissal. Once the year is finished, all that’s left is to walk across the stage. By taking a year off of school many of the students will have second thoughts about going to college. Many students would get white college jobs such as a cashier or a retailer, as they work and college large sums of money. They believe they have a nice sum of money where going to school isn't needed. AS half of the students are getting jobs. One fourth of the students are getting in to trouble. By the time most high school student graduate you are by law an adult. In other words, if you get in to trouble by stealing, threatening, and assaulting another person. You are by the law required to go to jail instead of a juvenile delinquency. People choose to spend their summer trying new things and living like it’s there last day. Then unexpectedly get in to trouble and never thought they would get caught in the act of the crime. As for the remaining fourth of the graduating class, they never wanted to go to college in the beginning but wanted to see how it was like as an experience would like to attend but don’t have the funds to go to college. The second guessing sets students back from what they can become and work for so they can get a reliable career.
Once entering college students a setback a year from what they have learned throughout college. Math and English classes would be harder for them to take in, if they had the break. The math course takes in a lot of hard problem from algebra and pre-calculus. If they were to take the classes that were...

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