Taking A Closer Look At Becoming A Doctor: Why I Have Chosen This Career

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By the time I was a high school freshman had my future career down to two choices. I was going to either be a Forensic scientist or a doctor. Forensics became a choice because I enjoyed watching a lot of shows that included a forensic scientist or a coroner. The medical field became an option the summer before 9th grade when I had surgery on my spine. I liked the way the doctors treated me, and that they took pride in their work. I knew that my options were in the right field due to the fact that biology has always been my favorite subject. Yet by the start of 11th grade I still had not come to a conclusion on my career choice. That year I signed up to take a forensics course that sounded ...view middle of the document...

The Search
When I started my investigation into the medical field, I started by looking into the school requirements and job descriptions. General surgery is the field that interests me the most so I researched their description the most. I found that General Surgeons require a lot of schooling and residency in at least 10 different areas, including Pediatric Surgery and Surgery Oncology. According to "The American Board of Surgery: specialty of General Surgery Defined," General Surgery is a discipline that requires knowledge of and familiarity with a broad spectrum of diseases that may require surgical treatment...in most areas, the surgeon will be expected to be competent in diagnosing And treating the full spectrum of disease." This reassured me that medical school would not be easy but it would be worth it, although many people think otherwise. In recent years, more and more doctors have begun changing career fields and leaving the medical field entirely because they do not think it I is worth the trouble. People that go to doctors and hospitals have become more likely to sue their doctor if they so something wrong. "CoverMD: Being a doctor Pros & Cons..." Malpractice insurance has sky rocketed in the wake of many law suits aimed at specific physicians, hospitals, and the field of medicine I'm general." This discourages many doctors to continue their work because it is getting too expensive and the glory of being life saver is dying out.

Continuing my search, I looked into the education and interning requirements to becoming a General Surgeon. I learned that it is not a job with average skills that can be picked up in one day. It takes years of study and dedication to make it anywhere in the medical field. I need to love my work and I need to know every possible solution to avoid doing major surgery. Over the course of about 13 years, I will need to have mastered the concept of performing surgery while causing the least amount of tissue damage or injury as possible. That means tiny incisions, small hand movements, and accuracy at all times must be mastered. This can only be done with years of practice. “Perseverance. Embarking a career that will require formal studies of 10 years or longer will stretch and strengthen your ability to persevere.” (How to become a Surgeon.) There is little to no room for mistakes in general surgery. A mistake could result in the death or serious injury of a patient. This is why school is so important. To be a great doctor, you must be fluent in anatomy, biology, and chemistry by the end of your first 4 years of college. In medical school, the first 2 years are dedicated to the basics...

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