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Taking A Closer Look At Your Personal Ministry

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You didn’t know that you were doing it and you were not aware of how it was affecting your relationship with Christ. After reading the first chapter this was the thought running through my mind. I will be discussing 3 chapters from the book “American Idol: The Worship of the American Dream”. While the entire book was interesting these three chapters touched me in such a profound way. I hope to share my experiences with you so that you may see how the book has impacted me. As a result of reading this book I have grown closer in my relationship with Christ our Savior.
The icon of individualism was born from people who have replaced God with some other tangible item. Chapter 4 Hostetler talks about this expanding culture of individualism (46-47). The Cowboy Ethic was the title of this chapter and it is a great illustration of what it looks like to do things on your own without Gods assistance. Hostetler discussed how people seem to be working hard to be alone, which is totally contrasting to what God wanted for His people. Hostetler quotes, “We were made for relationships”, (48) but yet we seek separation. What inspired me to write about this chapter was the accentuating issue that was reviled to me. People have decided to replace Gods commandments for an idol of isolation, which ultimately leads to their disobedience. This is concerning for the person affected and upsetting for the believers. Therefore its important for us to be witnesses to others, which will require believers to become “…lights of the world” (ESV Matthew 5:14-16), and allow God to move in their lives.
When it comes to the topic of the microwave mentality, most of us will graciously agree that speed is a luxury. Where the agreement usually ends, however, is on the questions of necessity. Whereas some are convinced that now is better, others maintain that waiting is just as good. Hostetler talks about a topic that I am so familiar with called the, “Microwave Mentality” (ch. 6), defined as the necessity to have things done instantaneously. What convicted me about this chapter was how the need for speed actually compressed my ability to truly worship God. I also found this to be interesting as this trepidation has permutated in just about all characteristics of my life. Rick Newman writes blogs for US News. In his blog, “Lose the Microwave Mentality”, Newman says, “Microwave ovens have been heating leftovers and popping popcorn for a generation, a daily bit of wizardry that makes waiting for anything seem obsolete. And the microwave mentality has spread far beyond the kitchen”. Wow, get out my kitchen Mr. Newman!
Basically, what Newman is elaborating on is comparable to what Hostetler also is pointing out. Hostetler states that the world has developed this need for instant gratification and gives...

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