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Taking A Director Of Your Choice, Consider With Reference To At Least Three Of Their Films The Extent To Which They May Be Considered An Auteur.

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The purpose and aim of any film is to give the audience what they want. In terms of the uses and gratification theory it is to entertain your target audience, to give them information to consume, personally identify with characters the antagonists and protagonists and in modern day terms usually to portray a message of some kind. The purpose of most generic films should be to make a profit and to engage with the audience to ultimately gain your intended objective. From this philosophy brings the role of the director, from the early 1920s onwards the director was there as an employee as such just doing his duties not inputting any artistic influences. Many films being watched during this period was from overseas as European countries were poor and had no resources to produce films, due to the war of time

The theory of an auteur originates from France in the '1950’s by French film directors like Francois Truffaut who advocated a focus on the contribution directors made on the style and form of film' (Stacey, 2010) it means that the director is the main creative force behind the film production, any changes or decisions to the film would be done by him, the film should be the expression of one person, and many of the films produced by the director should bear the directors personal identity. Many would have unique traits through out their films that the audience would notice and gratify. It can be said that film is a unique art and therefore it must be created by an artist, they are the ones who have the opportunity to add a personal touch, a signature style and are able to keep creative control over his or her work. The films by an auteur director would bear reoccurring aesthetics/ actors/ locations and settings which would identify the films personal to him/her. Auteurism privileges what is specific, unique, unusual, inventive, and challenging in a group of films
thus not only imbricated cinema with the traditional arts through the ascription of director-as-author, but evolved into a critical strategy for sorting the artistic wheat from the generic chaff of Hollywood Cinema. (Nelmes, 2003:136).
Auteur theories principals however was initially taken from the Cahiers du Cinema a French Journal written in the 1950s; Andrew Sarris an American critic recast it as auteur theory, 'but also implicitly and explicitly outfitted the study of cinema with an analytical method and critical vocabulary' (Nelmes, 2003).
So to distinguish an auteur they must have stylistic consistency, in terms of their locations they use and mise-en-scene, thematic consistency and also personal film making, in some way the film relates to themselves or a part of their life. Due to many of these reasons they are low budget films and outside of mainstream film making.
Roman Polanski born in 1933 in France of Jewish-...

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