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The will of deciding and acting based on own belief is a gift that only humans have. Humans are different from other creatures and beings because they have brains; their brain enables them to do what they desire and to do what they imagine. Taking away a basic right that is the right of thinking independently is by itself a crime. Laws and religions have always encouraged the idea of thinking by humans; the world is beautiful by its variety of brains. Atheism is one of the beliefs that everyone is free to carry; everyone is free to believe in it or not. While a number of people insist that atheism should be banned and that the holders of it be banned from practicing this right, they ...view middle of the document...

The government might do nothing about it because it has banned this belief; the government will state that they have banned this belief and whoever believes in it is worth punishment. Furthermore, this is violating humans’ rights; everyone must be protected and be dignified by their governments, not be disrespected and punished for something they believe in.
It could be claimed that atheists have negative effects on the society. Certainly, their belief that encourages the thinking of not having a God is somehow baseless and only blind people would believe that; anyone who thinks will figure out that all these creations that are created with precision are not a result of chemical explosions or interactions. However, this should not be taken as a reason to be used against them to disrespect them. Like it is mentioned, this world is beautiful with its range of beliefs; the world would not be a beautiful and cheerful place if everyone had the same idea. There are many wise men who were atheists, such as Karl Marks, Aristo who helped the humanity with their deep quotes; they have shown humans what it means to exists, and what it means to think and...

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