Taking Care Of All Whose Service Places Them In Harm’s Way

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As Americans we all take jobs to support us from eighteen till the time we die; a job that gives a pension or a retirement plan for enjoying the golden years. Among those receiving retirement benefits are U.S Armed Forces veterans. However, these veterans who have fought for American freedom, the American dream that founded this great nation, are being cheated of their retirement benefits. Though the benefits are making progress in the past couple of years, it is slow and full of bylaws and prerequisites that are not clearly stated to veterans. The veterans of the military deserve more respect, better retirement checks, permanent basic base privileges for dependents, and undisturbed funeral services when they die.
As a veteran of the military you receive half of your base pay for retirement, “Help Military” program guidelines are catered to those who have died or been injured in combat yet so many soldiers have died from ignorance and bull-headedness, and healthcare for mentally ill or injured soldiers is in poor condition. If not worse is the way they are treated by those they serve to protect. When soldiers serve, come home, and finally retire, they are treated like scum. Yet they only did their jobs, carrying out orders given by their commander in chief and his advisors and congressmen. The U.S Military was established so Americans can live their lives in peace and do as they please. It’s time for veterans to stop taking the brunt for doing their job and putting bread on their families table; instead they should receive a deeper respect for the freedom they give us.
Veterans of the military are not uncommon to see as they were ten years ago. In truth the issues at hand affect one quarter of the U.S population; those one quarter being veterans eligible for some type of benefit from the government (Veterans' Services). These benefits do not go without hardships and tolls on veterans and their families. Over a lifetime, “…families of U.S. military personnel move about four times as frequently as nonmilitary families, and often across longer distances, including to overseas bases or installations. Military families relocating abroad face the challenge of adjusting to a new culture and unfamiliar surroundings, in addition to the ordinary stresses of moving” (Military Families Overseas). With veterans having served around twenty years, they and their families will have moved every five years, excluding the last one upon retirement. Each time veterans and their families must pack up their house, resettle in a new one, make new neighbors and friends, attend a new school and spouses must find a new job if they resigned from their old one. To pick up and move four times or more like that can ruin a child’s high school experience, accumulate a debt for every household that must be started up again, for food and perishables are not allowed during the move, and wreck financial stability from two incomes. Hardships are endured yet poorly compensated.

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