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Growing up I used to love watching futuristic television shows. Seeing people simply put a pill in water and out pops a roast beef with a side of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce; meal in a pill if you will. Nowadays we are not too far from the idea. Instead we are pumping our food full of enhancements as if we are putting pills in our food. Is changing the way we consume food necessarily a bad thing? No longer must we be slaves to nature and her spoils; no longer must we be overly concerned with our diets, and no longer do we have to continue slaughtering our loving animals.
“It was fortified breakfast cereal that first showed the way, by supplying more vitamins and minerals than any mere grain could hope to” – Pollan. Apples, oranges, cranberries, and grapes all spoil after a couple of weeks or so. Nature gives and takes away from us on a daily bases; part of a sick cruel joke I’m Sure. In the twentieth century of course that has drastically changed. Now we are able to have as much apple, orange, or cranberry juice as we want without it going bad for months at a time. By simply adding extra ingredients and separating the juice from the whole food itself, we were able to make our favorite foods last longer and get twice the nutrients and vitamins than we would’ve ever gotten from the whole food. The days of our food spoiling are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Whenever we bring up the topic of eating food the question of what to eat shortly arises afterwards. Most of us can be very picky because we have may have a diet we are on, maybe a figure we are trying to maintain. The bottom line is we won’t just eat anything because not everything is healthy for us in the way we want it to be. A burger from McDonald’s or Burger King contains certain additives that if eaten often enough can clog an artery or cause us to gain unhealthy weight. Americans are constantly coming up with new outrageous diets everyday all for what? Just to take one step forward and two steps back? Imagine being able to eat whatever you like without worrying about the consequences it may have on your body. Pollan talks about the food industry aiming to join fake sugars, fake fats and fake starch in order to overcome the impasse of the fixed stomach. Imagine whole food meals that we will be able to eat as often as we like since this food will leave no trace.
I am a fitness fanatic and I love the every aspect of being fit except dieting. Every day and night having to go through my kitchen worrying that I’m not eating the right vegetable, or not eating the right meat. Does this pork chop have too much...

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