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Taking One Of The Issues Addressed In The First 4 Weeks, Write A Short Piece Demonstrating At Least Two Different Aspects Of The Arguments Involve

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Advertising is essential for all organizations across the globe whether it be retailers or governments it is how they get their point or product across. The way in which they do this can raise all types of issues for their consumers. One of these potential issues is the impact on society the adverts have. This can have both positive and negative effects.

A government can aim adverts in order for it to have a positive impact on society and the way people behave. It can also effect what people see to be socially acceptable and what they see not be acceptable. An example of this is an online campaign launched by the Scottish government in 2012 to show the affects of alcohol. They also ...view middle of the document...

However adverts from business largely go against this and some will have a negative effect on society. Peoples attitudes towards certain aspects of advertising for example the use of women as a sexual being in adverts can now be shown and people are far more accepting of this than they used to be. The use of women in these adverts however is seen to not be acceptable by some. The impact that society has had on these adverts is that they are allowing advertisers to push the boundaries of what can and cant be shown. This can have a negative effect as if adverts are shown that perceive something should be a certain way, for example women being skinny, the girls watching the advert may think that is what they should be like. A study showed that the portrayals of women as sex objects in these adverts did not offend young educated women today as they are used to this culture and see these adverts as socially acceptable (Zimmerman and Dahlberg 2008) These types of images are portrayed not only in adverts, for example perfume, but also in soap operas and sitcoms. It seems that not only advertisers are using women as sexual objects. Another example of a bad advert effecting society is the use of stereotyping. This raises red flags within society and can also put women in a particular category. Research into this was done by (Plakoyiannaki and Zotos 2009: P10) They found that images of women in decorative roles referred approximately to the three quarters of the sample of advertisements. Specifically, stereotypes of women “concerned with physical attractiveness” and “sex object” featured in 45.90 and 31.52 percent of the sample, respectively. This shows the frequency of stereotypes in adverts

Overall it is clear from the research that adverts can have both positive and negative effects on society. It also becomes...

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