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Taking Sides Essay

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Lincoln is nervous about the Franklin verses Columbus game because he doesn’t know which team to have pride in. Instead he decided to play for himself than school pride. Lincoln was still nervous even though he thought he wasn’t going to play. Since Lincoln can’t choose between the two teams, he didn’t care who won because he is playing for himself. He also sees his fellow team members nervous and unsure. Lincoln liked both teams, he can’t pick over one. Lincoln keeps friends, no matter old or new friends. Lincoln later loses his nervous feeling and becomes confident after he played at the last quarter.
Lincoln enters the locker room and sees everyone is nervous and unsure also. Lincoln also cares about his old Franklin team. He saw Coach Ramos with players huddled around him. He saw familiar faces of-Louie Estrada, Eddie”Big Foot” Negrete, Warren Higgins, Danny Salinas, and Tony. Tony was a second-stringer, not a starter, but he played a good game. Coach Yesutis together, Lincoln tried his best to get involved with clasped hands with Bukowski and Durkins. Their hands were moist with sweat. When Lincoln spotted Vicky his heart leaped like a fish under the Columbus sweats. It sank once he saw a dude sitting very close to her. He looked up at the score was 13-7 Franklin. He groaned and stared at the floor. When he looked up again he saw the score was 19-11 Franklin. He saw an unfair foul with Danny Salinas and Bukowski. Salinas shoved Bukowski, but Bukowski shoved back sending Salinas to the ground. A foul was called, second personal. Lincoln scanned the bleachers and spotted Monica with her father. He grinned and waved, she waved back. The father looked grim and serious, like a Mexican version of Mr. Schulman, al; about business. Franklin was up 23-16 halftime. Since he wasn’t going to play, he left the locker room to go to his old Franklin team. Tony muttered ‘’Hey, Linc,’’ he was still hurt but, Lincoln thought he will get over it. Soon Lincoln started felling glad for Franklin winning, glad that Monica was in the bleachers, glad for Vicky’s new boyfriend. Coach Yesutis finally let Lincoln in. Lincoln realized Columbus had no chance of catching up. The game ended 52-46. Everyone said Good-Playin, even Bukowski said it.
In conclusion Lincoln was nervous at first then confident at the end. He was really nervous about which team would win. He was nervous even though he was not supposed to play basketball. Lincoln was a star during the game. He allowed Columbus to catch up, if they had more time or allow Lincoln in then they would have won against Franklin. Coach Yesutis would not start ranting during the end of the game. Lincoln also got a old friend back named Tony, and possibly a new girlfriend named Monica. If I were in Lincoln’s shoes I would have denied Coach Yesutis of playing at the last quarter because has no respect. Also playing for any team doesn’t feel right. I would not want to have a felling I’m betraying anyone. I would have just...

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