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Taking The Easy Way Out Essay

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It is effortless to swallow a pill to resolve your problems, however, is the easy way out the appropriate manner in which to resolve your troubles? It is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. In this bustling modern society, time is always of the essence and an immediate solution would seem to be the answer. It is not difficult to acquire prescription drugs from a physician or off the streets. Going to see a doctor is not cheap, taking measures to prevent a trip to the hospital would be a far better choice. The side effects of numerous prescription drugs are, consequently, far more threatening than the conditions that you are trying to remedy. Prescription drugs have aided millions of ...view middle of the document...

Pharmaceuticals are not complicated to obtain, whether from a doctor visit or from an illicit source. Prescription drug use continues to increase in our country every year. There is also a high street value for many of these drug, making them popular for being sold illegally. The ease of acquisition of these controlled substances make people more susceptible to their use. Granted, it is difficult to follow a diet or muster the motivation to work out three or four times a week, but it is less expensive and better for your health than taking a drug. You can talk to your physician about alternative ways to treat your problems. Once you get in the routine of eating healthier and exercising, you will start to feel better and have more energy.
A trip to the doctor’s office can get expensive. By the time you pay to see the doctor, pay for tests and prescriptions, you have acquired quite a bill. Insurance will cover many of your check ups and preventative health screenings. But when you get sick, you usually have to meet a yearly deductible that can be up to one thousand dollars a year. Some people can’t even afford health insurance. I personally do not have health insurance, for the time being, and have spent thousands of dollars for a visit to my general practitioner. I was having severe headaches and neck pain. Turns out, the headaches were caused by the neck pain I was suffering from poor posture while spending long hours at my computer. The doctor was quick to write me a prescription and send me on my way. I could have saved myself money and not having to deal with the dopey side effects of the medication, simply by using proper posture while on the computer and taking time to rest.
The side effects of drugs often outweigh their benefits. If you have ever watched a commercial for a prescription medication on the television, this is obvious. The announcer will quickly and quietly storm through a list of dangerous, possibly life threatening repercussions of taking the...

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