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“Please, Please, come on! Can you please take me?” This has been going on since eight in the morning. My brother followed me around the house begging me. “Pleaaase, if you take me to Anthony’s house, I’ll do whatever you want!” He wanted me to take him to his friend’s house, and he wasn’t going to give up so I finally agreed. “Fine. Let’s go.” I held his hand and we went out. But what I didn’t have in mind was that what was a beautiful summer day, was never going to be ordinary.
Our house was on the top of a hill. We started to walk down it hand in hand. My brother was so excited to see his friend. His happiness filled me with warmth and joy.
We made it down the cliff and there they were. Charbel and Steve. Charbel was the bully of the country and everyone hated him. Well… Everyone but Steve. His little apprentice who was so desperate to be his friend.
We stopped. Alarmed. The smirk on Charbel’s face worried me. I told my ten-year-old brother that we have to go back. As soon as we turned our backs, Charbel let out this hideous laugh. “Too chicken to pass through us I see.” He continued laughing. “Yeah! Too chicken!” repeated Steve joining Charbel in his laughter.
I could feel Jean’s temptation to answer, but I whispered to him:”Come on brother. Let’s just go home, okay?”
Charbel didn’t seem to give up: “Yeah, you run away, because you’re too weak to face us!” “Yeah Charbel. He’s too weak too weak.” Said Steve as if he was Charbel’s parrot.
This time Jean turned back and answered angrily : “Just back off Charbel!!”
Charbel and Steve exchanged and evil look and burst out laughing and mimicking my brother, making fun of him. “Aww, the little baby has spoken,” mocked Charbel. “He’s such a baby Charbel,” said Steve with a giggle. Charbel exploded at Steve : “Can you just stop repeating my words like a stupid parrot?!”
“Let’s just go Jean, I’ll take you to Anthony’s later”, I tried to convince him.
Charbel kneeled down, picked up a big pebble and nudged Steve saying “there you go...

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