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The Tale of Lynx caseThe most critical choices faced by James Milmo, early in founding of Lynx are as follows:Going to Business School or not?He always wanted to be an EntrepreneurHe knew that a new business is a riskSo he wanted to make sure that if business does not work, he should be able to be back to Business SchoolTherefore he did first semesterIt was a good decision as he was trying to play safe and he knew what he was doing to himselfPartnering with Doug Curtis or Not?Doug Curtis was a Veteran EntrepreneurHaving worked with Doug on past ventures, James was aware of him and his skillsIdea of Real Estate failed and James Milmo does not have great confidence on himNo Trust Factor, No Compatibility between the twoDoug's interaction with his own friends and family was goodNobody else could listen James' Raw plan and show support at that time.Good Decision to Partner with Dough at that point of sensitive time.Partnering with Javier Pascal?A tough Guy and people respect himTrust and compatibility between Pascal and MilmoA software expert, considering that software was architected in a scalable manner thus enabling Lynx to change their strategies few times and was able to adapt to those strategiesLooking for Business OpportunityA good decision By MilmoEqual Distribution of equity?Milmo wanting all three to get equal equityCurtis not ready and creating platform to throw Pascal OutMilmo mediating and creating a compromising platformPascal give up to take 25%, others two to divide 75% equityGood decision involvement by Milmo, not to let go Pascal outDoug Curtis paying himself more than what partners agreed to pay, what to do?Creates a fight between Curtis and MilmoMilmo feels bad about his decision of taking in Curtis, but do not want to blow up the companyDecides to handle it privately between him and Curtis, and does not make a fuss out of itA good decision at that point of sensitive timeMaking Curtis as a CEOCo-founders established Lynx with the triumvirate structure.Milmo was President and Chairman, Curtis was CEO, and Pascal was CTO.Milmo and Pascal were appropriate for their positions, while Curtis, who had years of sales experience for VC-backed companies, was suitable for marketing or raising funds rather than CEOCEO is a people's job and , Curtis was a failure in this roleA bad job of Making Curtis a CEOMilmo looking for Renaissance PeopleLess people and more skills- a good dealA good job of finding multi-dimensional peopleHiring a Human resource officerInitially Milmo did all the hiring for 'Renaissance People'Milmo has no trust on others in judging peopleMilmo has trust on one friend who can do this job nicelyCalls him and hires a costly 'Head of hiring' at $ 45,000 for 3 days a week and on some self-convenient terms and conditionsA bad job of hiring such a costly 'Head of hiring' for a startup company like thisInviting guests to talk about issues that might interest to Lynx employees and lunchesCurtis not able to create a good culture in...

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