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Acne, A Teen Epidemic

     Sarah walked into the Doctors office. She was just turning 15, and had long black hair, with bright green eyes. She was so pretty, except she had acne. People at school would laugh and make fun of her, just because she had pimples.
     “Sarah McMahon’s here for her appointment,” Sarah’s mother told the receptionist. Sarah went and sat down in the waiting room. There were little children running around, playing with toys. Sarah missed those day’s. No one made fun of her for her acne, and the biggest problem in life was who’s turn it was to play in the sand box.
     “Sarah McMahon?” A woman opened the office door and called her. Sarah stood up and followed the woman. Sarah’s mom followed right behind her. “We’re just going to take your weight and the usual check ups.” The nurse said as she led them into a small room with a cushioned table with white paper strewn over it. They checked her weight, height, temperature, blood pressure and throat. “Very good.” The nurse said. She put Sarah’s record into a slot on the door. “The doctor will be with you in a minute.” She said as she closed the door.
     “Do you think he’ll give me something for my acne?” Sarah asked her mom.
     “I’m pretty sure she will. You should have had something a while ago. I guess they were hoping it would just clear up itself.” Her mom said softly. She was always a soft spoken woman, and so was Sarah.
     Suddenly the door opened and a tall, brunette walked into the room. She was Sarah’s doctor, and had her white coat on and everything. “Hello Sarah.” She said.
     “Hello Doctor Higgins,” Sarah said politely.
     “I see you’re here to see me about your acne,” She looked over at Sarah. “I’m sure we can have that cleared up in a few weeks. It’s not as bad as you think it is. I just don’t want it scarring.” The doctor said to Sarah. As soon as she mentioned it could be cleared up in a few weeks, Sarah smiled and...

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