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Talent Code Critical Review

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There are many difference in defining what exactly talent is. Many theories and research has been conducted by scientists regarding the definition of talent itself. Some scientists said that talent is the result of hard work and deliberate practice, but others scientist, in their research says that talent is an innate ability that everyone have. Daniel Coyle, a two-time National Magazine Award finalist and a contributing editor for Outside Magazine (2009, in, is trying to figure out where does talent come from and how does it grow.
The sweet spots are the subject of chapter 1 of Daniel Coyle’s book The talent code : Greatness isn’t born. It’s grown. Here’s how. In ...view middle of the document...

11). He try to elaborate the meaning of deep practice by talking about two people whom he met in his journey. Brunio, eleven years old boy who is trying to learn the elastico, deeply focused on the practicing process; Jennie, a twenty-four years old singer, is “trying to hit the big finish” on her chorus of a pop song (p. 13). He sum up the story by arguing “They are purposely operating at the edge of their ability, so they wil screw up. And somehow screwing up is making them better. how?” to keep the reader want to know more about this chapter.
Secondly, Coyle use a story from Edwin Link, the developer of an airplane simulator, as an evidence to explain about the deep practice. In the story, Edwin Link built a device that compressed the key elements of a plane into a space slightly roomier than a bathtub (p. 22). He create a device and train the pilot how to apply his device to help them having the ability to fly blind through fog and storms while relying on gauges alone (p. 22). Link’s Trainer provide a similar ground air flying environment as the real airplane does and it also permitted the pilot to make mistakes and learn from them, without the risk of injury (p. 24). However,I doubt the idea of this story which Coyle used to explain deep practice. In my opinion, the device which created by Links have major role in the successful of Link’s Trainer. The pilot become an experts in the simulator because the device give a signal when the pilot making a mistake, so they have a chance to practice more and tend to be confident, therefore make fewer mistakes.
In another story, at the end of the chapter, Coyle give evidence about deep practice by tells a journey of soccer coach, Simon Clifford, who was fascinated by the supernatural skills of Brazilian soccer players. Dalam perjalanannya mengeksplor kota Sao paolo, Clifford saw something he didn't expect. a strange game which resembled soccer, Bazilian called this with Futsal, a derivative of field soccer played in Brazil. Simon clifford mengklaim bahwa futsal is the reason why Brazil can develop more talent in Soccer than the average, because Futsal is fast game and player have more intense in practice. Coyle argue that Futsal has the same effects of Deep practice because “players touch the ball far more often than soccer players”, “demands and rewards more precise handling” and the tighter space makes players “feel as if they have acres of free space in which to operate” when Futsal player play in the full-size game and field (p. 27). Coyle mencapai kesimpulan bahwa Futsal merupakan alasan brazil sukses menghasilkan banyak talent sepakbola dibanding negara lainnya, akan tetapi coyle gagal...

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