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Talented Writers Known As The Alabama Connection

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Native born and migrators to Alabama have been displaying their writing talents for centuries. The Alabama Connection is a family of writers either born in Alabama or who have migrated to Alabama. Some authors are from other states but wrote about Alabama. Alabama has a rich heritage and extraordinary genres including autobiographies, humor, poetry, drama, and fiction. Some of these intelligent, award winning, classic literature poets are: Booker T Washington, F.S. Fitzgerald, and Zora Neal Hurtsen.
Booker T Washington was born a slave in 1856. Washington walked over 80 miles to seek admission into Hampton. The long walk proved successful and in 1876 he graduated and was a teacher for two years after his graduation. Mr. Washington wrote 14 books, countless newspapers and magazine articles. The famous author also delivered various speeches. One of the legendary speeches was the “Atlanta Compromise” given to the American Nation. He was also a dominant leader in the African American community and an Advisor to the president of the United States. Booker T Washington was best known for his autobiography “UP From Slavery: written in 1901. Mr. Washington died November 14, 1915.
Another Remarkable writer was a beautiful African American named Mrs. Zora Neal Hurtsen. She was born in Notasulga, Al. in 1891. In her early tens she joined a traveling theatre, all the while cooking and cleaning for a white family. During this time, the white family introduced her to books and she was enrolled at Morgan Academy High School, where she began writing. In the early 1930’s and 1940’s, Hurtsen wrote four books that included an autobiography. Her greatest novel was “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, written in 1937. Also in 1937 Mrs. Hurtsen was accused but never convicted of molesting a 10 year old boy and her career went...

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