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Talk About How An Incident Made You Turn Over A New Leaf

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It all started when my mother left us that night when I was only ten.I could still remember that night vividly. My mum screaming at my father hysterically, and my father sitting on the floor of the bathroom, too stoned to understand what was going on. That was the last straw for my mother. The next thing I knew, she was running out of the door with a suitcase in hand, weeping uncontrollably. I remember looking at my father, from the small corner that I was hiding in, and all that time, he was in the bathroom, with a dreamy look on his face. Till now, I had never forgiven my mother for not bringing me along with her, leaving me to live with my good-for-nothing father.Ever since my mother left ...view middle of the document...

Jack gave me a couple of round white tablets, saying that it was ecstasy and told me to swallow them. I did as told and sat back, waiting for the effects to show. Not long after, I experienced a rush to the head. Seconds later a most unbelievable surge of energy and gentle warmth rushed through my body. It was so brutally intense that all I could do for several minutes was inhale and let the breath come out as one long howl of indescriptible joy. I was overcome with euphoria and went mental all night dancing along to the loud music, watching other people moving to the beats. My troubles were momentarily forgotten and nothing seemed to matter anymore. It was simply great!My first positive experience with drugs led to more. I craved for it as it gave me a break from my lousy life. Eventually, Jack and I got tired of ecstasy and started to look for more powerful drugs. We were introduced to cocaine by some friends and we embraced the numbing effect it gave and also the strong feeling of euphoria...To me, there was nothing wrong with getting high on drugs as it seemed to be the best way to escape from our troubles until...Jack died from a cocaine overdose. It happened on a Monday morning. Jack was found lying unconscious in a toilet cubicle of a nightclub that morning with traces of cocaine on the toilet seat lid. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors tried to revive him. He was...

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