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Discuss The Different Kinds Of Humour In The Play. Is It Effective

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Discuss the different kinds of humour in the play. Is it effective

What is its purpose?

Much ado about nothing is a comedy written by William Shakespeare.
There are many kinds of humour in the play. The first kind of humour
we come across is the skirmishes of wit between Beatrice and Benedick.
Beatrice and Benedick are both sarcastic people and incidentally are
sarcastic about each other. Sarcasm is a very good kind of humour,
which is still effective to this day. Many people understand sarcasm
and it's a good way of putting a point across. The main purpose of
sarcasm is probably mockery. Sarcasm is usually used when you say
something that you don't mean literally, the point of this particular
sarcasm is to tell the audience that Beatrice and Benedick don't
exactly see eye to eye and basically mock each other.

Another kind of humour in the play we find as we go on is stupidity.
This mainly is featured around Dogberry and Verges. Dogberry and
Verges have a funny sort of relationship. Dogberry is the more
intelligent of the two where as Verges is a little more on the dim
side. The funny side here is that Dogberry isn't as clever as he
thinks he is. He often uses long complicated words which actually make
no sense "is most tolerable and not to be endured". In this quote
Dogberry is talking about the watch talking and not paying attention
to their duty and so here he means to say intolerable. Again he says
"you, constable, are to present the princes own person" this is funny
again as he misses out a key part of the word in which he is meaning
to say...

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