Discuss The Inappropriateness Of Australian Display Homes

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Australian homes are inappropriate for Australia's climate and are wasting resources due to inappropriate designs. Homes in Australia are not built for specific locations and designed to achieve maximum views, light and cooling, but rather for cheapness and decorative features, which only adds to the running cost in the future. The function of the house should be the first factor when deciding to build, and this should take climate and sun's movements and wind direction in to account. Display homes are even more inappropriate as they are not built for specific locations to take views into account and are only designed for there cheapness to build. Internal planning, window size and placement, insulation, building materials, ventilation, landscape and lighting all need to be taken into account when building and designing a home, but this is not always done.Many Australian homes do not take window placement and size into account when designing a house. Careful consideration should be made when designing windows for a house as they influence the amount of heat entering the house and the views. Many houses do not follow this, especially land-owners who simply buy off a plan, and this may result in windows that do not optimise the views of the surrounding areas of the house, or the wind direction that provides ventilation. Without proper ventilation, energy costs can increase because their can be no cross ventilation through the house, which can dramatic cool down the house and reduce the need for air-conditioning. Display homes do no take this into consideration, and most often require air-conditioning to cool the home and this causes an increase in energy cost.Eaves are an essential part of houses to shade windows and stop direct sunlight during the middle of the day when the sun is at its maximum temperature. Eaves should protect the house from sun, but should not completely shade windows as this will increase the need for heating in winter because windows cannot receive sunlight to warm the house. Display homes today are dismissing eaves and heading towards more European style homes that do not suit the climatic conditions of Australia's hot dry climate. Without eaves, a house will have unbearable climatic conditions that are hard to control and air-conditioning needs will dramatically increase.Lighting also needs to be taken into consideration when building a home. Spending time and looking at lighting requirements can give major improvements in light quality and lower energy costs. Using natural light through windows and skylights is far better than artificial light, which is more expensive, and does...

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