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Discuss The Way One Or More Groups Of Australians Are Represented In Film And To What Extent This Representation Reflects Wider Social Attitudes. Refer To At Least One Feature Film You Have Studied.

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The representation of certain groups of Australians in film does to some extent reflect wider social attitudes. The extent of the truth in these representations is obtainable in Japanese Story made in 2003 and mostly set in the outback of Western Australia and Sunday too Far Away, also set in Australia but made in the 70's. Both Australian films construct representations of Australian women that do, to some extent, reflect social attitudes in Australia, while Sunday Too Far Away represents working class men precisely enough to reflect accepted social attitudes of that time. There is a contrast shown in the social attitudes towards women that has exceedingly affected each films representation of women. Do these two films represent the Australian groups to reflect social attitudes or do the social attitudes reflect the dominant ideology of the context in which each film was created?The representations of women in Sunday Too Far Away (hereby known as STFA) do to some extent reflect the social attitudes of that time period. The two main female characters, Ivy and the cocky's daughter are greatly marginalised in STFA. Even though both characters are marginalised, they do show signs of wanting to be seen as not accepting the social attitudes. This is evidently presented in the cocky's daughter. The cocky's daughter is a young and very innocent girl who shows signs of not wanting to lead a life that is dictated by the social attitudes that are accepted for girls. This would have been that girls and women are precious and need to be protected. The cocky's daughter shows her wish to lead a life not dictated by social attitudes by demanding to be allowed in the shearing shed even though women are prohibited from entering the shearing shed. Ivy who is the other main female character is a tough and cynical barmaid who goes against the trends that are reserved for women, first of all by choosing to become a barmaid and by also not allowing herself to be pushed around by the usual masculine males that would enter the bar. Her job is made a lot harder by the fact that the bar when full of drunk men often gets violent, Ivy also shows her inability to be pushed around by not allowing the "scabs" to buy drinks from her bar. Even with the main female characters being represented as going against the social attitudes that would have been accepted at the time, the fact that both of the female characters do not play central roles in STFA shows that women were still seen as less noteworthy. The representations of women in Japanese Story show the change in social attitudes towards women since the production of STFA.The contrast between the representations of women in Japanese Story and STFA is entirely reflective of the changes in social attitudes and the context in which both films were made. Japanese Story, which is the more modern of the two films, provides a clear view of the changes in social attitudes since the time STFA was produced. Sandy Edwards, who is the...

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