Discuss The Similarities Between Ii Peter And Jude

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The intent of this essay is to examine the similarities between the letters of II Peter and Jude. These similarities will be based on the purpose and the main issues addressed in each letter. The majority of the similarities appear in II Peter 2 and Jude 1-18, so these are the areas that will be expounded on and receive the most focus. Any verse or verses in both letters that are extremely similar and almost identical, will be also be brought to attention, and briefly focused upon. By the end of this essay the reader will be able to identify and recognise the similarities between the letters of both II Peter and Jude. However, the essay will start by looking at who the authors of these letters were.

Looking at the authors of both the letters of II Peter and Jude, helps in showing the letters similarities. The author of the letter of II Peter was Simon Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. We know from what the Bible tells us that Peter was close to Jesus, and he was also the first to get the revelation of who Jesus really was, (Matthew 16:16).

The author of the letter of Jude was Jude the brother of James. James was the brother of Jesus, thus making Jude Jesus’ brother also (Judas, Matthew 13:55). Some people think that Jude was also one of the twelve apostles, and that sometimes he went by the name Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus (Matthew 10:3 and Mark 3:18), but in other references to the twelve apostles (Luke 6:16 and Acts 1:13) Jude is referred to as, “Judas the son of James.” Both Peter and Jude would have had a close relationship with Jesus, and since they could both possibly be one of the twelve apostles, one could assume that they were receiving very similar or even the same teaching, this would help in contributing to the similarities of their letters.

The purpose of each letter will now be explained, starting with II Peter. Chapter one in II Peter aims to encourage Christian growth, and chapter two warns the readers about false teachers that were creeping into the church unnoticed. Peter writes to put the minds of the early church at rest by assuring them that the Christian faith is true, and he even goes on to tell them how the false prophets operate. The purpose of Jude is extremely similar to that of II Peter. Jude also writes to warn his readers about false teachers who were perverting the grace of God. These false teachers were trying to convince believers that being saved by grace gave them licence to sin. Jude thought it imperative that his readers were aware of such men and were prepared to oppose their perverted teaching with the truth about God’s saving grace.

In II Peter 2:1-3 Peter predicts the coming of false teachers and the destructive heresies that they will introduce. He explains that these false teachers will secretly come in and deny the Lord. They will bring in destructive and wrong teachings that will cause many people to be lost. Peter warns that they are motivated only by greed, and they are...

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