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Discuss The Use Of Group Work Theory And Skills And Apply To Your Role As A Child Or Youth Practitioner.

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This essay is going to discuss different theories on working in groups, Theories that will help you to become a good team member within a youth work setting. Also we will apply it to your role as a youth practitioner. There are two theorist who are called Tuckman and Belbin. We will be including what their beliefs and views are on becoming a successful team member and how you can developing team work skills by using a developing stage model. We will be comparing both theories and picking out their weaknesses and strengths and relating them both to working with young people. Firstly we are going to give a brief description on what is the terms of team work is. Thereafter we will be starting with Tuckmans theory then following Belbin’s theory. After discussing both theories. After both views we will be looking at how successful it really is and include communication other people’s views on these theory’s, and see if the theories are successful.
A team is a group of people who have complementary skills and members who committed to each other’s personal success and growth.
Bruce Wayne Tuckman ( 1965) done a theory which includes a model that is broke down into four stages, Forming Storming Norming and Performing he also added a fifth stage which was called Adjourning. This model was discovered by Tuckman in (1965). According to Tuckman (1965) his model clarifies that when you are in a team you develop maturity and ability also the relationships start to establish, and the leader changes leadership style. He believes that to become a good team worker you start with a directing style. First stage of his model is forming, Tuckman (1965) says that we start with an agreement on team aims other than just listening to the leader, members act fairly but they still need to act more confident than not having your say so that Individual roles and responsibilities are unclear to other team members. A Leader must be willing to answer other team leader’s questions about the team's purpose, objectives and external relationships. The second stage is storming, storming is when you and your team members start to have disagreements because this part is when members feel more confident to talk up and give their opinions. This storming stage acts as a good role because not only is it testing members but it is also building acceptance and trust. In stage three, this is when the members of the group are all getting settled in and feeling comfortable with one and other. This is the point where they start to make decisions. Members start to trust one another and their confidence is there. Stage four norming, the team is a success, all working together as a team. Last of all is stage five the stage performing where things ends and members go and find another challenge to deal with. After these stages Tuckman (1965) says that some people come out successful which there some people who still need extra support to becoming a good team member. This model does show...

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