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In a modern classroom, one of the main role of teacher is to facilitate communication. Teachers are supposed to bring more students talk rather merely of transmission of information. Many employers are now looking for colleges or graduates students with 21st century skills. The 21st century skills includes communication, problem-solving and innovation. However, the practice of teachers transmitting knowledge to their students by instruction is prevalent especially in area where learners have limited access to resources. This method of instruction hardly develop 2lst century skills. In area where knowledge is readily accessible where learners can access wealth of information or content on the internet, the model of knowledge instruction is no longer adequate (n.a, 2013). Students need to be autodidactic and long life learner.
In science education the word constructivism is commonly used by science educator. Constructivism is a learning theory based on the idea that leaners learn and construct meaning and develop understanding based on their experiences in connection to their prior understanding. It may sound that the constructivist science educators favor the traditional teaching approaches by bombarding students with facts, however, the inquiry-based approaches in teaching support constructivist idea of learning as well.
In inquiry oriented classroom, teacher-student interaction forms the important component of classroom talk. Teachers are regular component of classroom talk and they play a crucial role in constructing the nature of discourse in a lesson. The types of question teacher ask will affect the cognitive processes of the students dealing with scientific knowledge construction. How students construct knowledge via verbal discourse in classroom setting has generate interest for some researchers(Chin, 2007).
Scaffolding is a method use by teachers to structure their lesson. It is a vital concept of constructivist of guiding learner progressively from what learner has known to be what is to be known. Scaffolding allows learners to perform task slightly beyond their current ability without any support and direction from teacher (Murphy, 1997). An important feature of scaffolding is that “it supports students’ learning of both how to do the task as well as why the task should be done that way” (Hmelo-Silver, 2006) . Scaffolding is therefore an important feature of constructivist learning and teaching.

In Brunei, students are normally passive and they seldom involves in classroom discussion(Nicol, 2008). However, eventually students will involve in class discussion when they have made bond with teacher as well as adapting to inquiry classroom. This research aims to analyse the transcript of a classroom verbal dissource.

Purpose of the study
The research describe here is a small research for module ET 5303. This...

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