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Talk Shows Essay

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Television is one of the greatest inventions to ever be created, right? Lucian Dorneanu, an editor of Softpedia, stated, “Wherever a television is on, it draws attention like no other piece electronic in the house. It can be source of amusement, knowledge, or, misused, of violence and almost self-inflicted psychiatric disorders.” Today television is having a huge impact on people more than ever before, by doing more harm than good. Television is supposed to be bringing entertainment and laughter to every household, by showing a positive way of life. Although, over the years, talk shows became one of the most watched on television. These talk shows are causing violence, teaching bad habits, loosing family value.
Turn the television on in the afternoon and there will be one show you will not be able to pass up “The Jerry Springer Show”. Jerr-y! Jerr-y! Jerr-y! Jerr-y! The annoying “Jerr-y” chant that everyone knows. The women are going crazy for the Jerry beads makes it irresistible on changing the channel to another channel. This popular television show The Jerry Springer Show is considered a “Trashy Talk Show” that attracts its audience by violence, strong language, and its sexual content. The talk show beeps the strong languages used and blurs the entire sexual content out, but it is still clear what is going on. The beginning of “The Jerry Springer Show” contains a warning to parents that the program may not be suitable for children. The first thing that stands out is it states, “May not?” When was the last time that a Jerry Springer Show was ever appropriate for children? The warning might stop some children from getting to watch the show, but since this talk show is during the day time most parents are still working while their child is just getting home from school and watching The Jerry Springer Show. This talk show targets the age range starting at the age of 11 to 25, by also having teenagers and young adults as an audience?
Television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. The Jerry Springer Show is a violent talk show, by the screaming and fighting. Children watch four hours of television a day. Television is a major influence in behavioral values in children. More than 60 percent of television programs contain violence. When a child or teen watches a violent program they become more aggressive. Studies show that both children and teens are affected by this in a negative way. Seeing multiple violence without a consequence lets children think they too can get away with violent acts. Violent programs never show the consequence of using violence in the shows. Children see it on television and think it's all right to do drugs and act out violence as long as you don't get caught.
People that think that these talk shows are just a show and children or teens can watch for entertainment not learning or reenacting is false. Two teenage boys were charged with sexual battery in Florida because of The Jerry...

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