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A person’s class relates to success by being an outcome of what your success has done for you. In the article Born into the Brothels, students had a poor environment. Their Families were poor, which affected students on how they were going live in their future. The students and parents had no choice of that life; they were just born unfortunate. The parents were careless of their children’s education , which could’ve help their family’s class.(Born into Brothels) In Jean Anyon’s article “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of work” They experiment on students from different classes of incomes, and how it affects the learning in school. From Low income families to well-paid families, the article explains the schools being separated into classes that had to do with the jobs of the parent/parents, the area where they lived, and their income as well. The conclusion of the experiment showed wealthier classes had advantages over poor classes by the development in each of the student’s education. Chapter fours Trouble with Geniuses explains Langan poor class and Oppenheimer wealthy class affecting their success, which hindered Langans intelligence because of him not being taught to speak to higher authorities like Oppenheimer had as an advantage. (Page 101) The Article about “The Cycle of Socialization”; explains the beginning of the cycle, at birth there’s no choice of what class we are born into. It’s just what was given while the structure in the way of each class is already taking place as we enter earth. That can be a difficulty or advantage but our class has a lot to do with us, even how we think on certain opinions, choices, situations, and our goals.
The genders we’re born into effects success in many ways depending on our view in life and how we grow. “Born into Brothels” shows that females had disadvantages compare to males. This shows by the mothers being prostitutes to support their families, while from what I saw, the Dads would be home smoking and drinking. Their genders are different because of the environment they were influenced by the parenting they had in the life of the Brothels; this hindered the success of the children. (Born into Brothels) Paragraph “Social Class and Hidden Curriculum of Work “differentiates females and males by the fathers in the family being more likely to work as top...

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