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Talking Apes On Jupiter Essay

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Once upon a time there was a man called "Jim". He had a brother called "Kim". Both brothers worked for a space company. Kim was married and he had two children. Jim was not married.Kim always wanted to do a mission in space. He was told that he would be sent to Jupiter for 6 months. He told his brother about the mission.Kim was going in space for the first time. But his brother Jim had already gone in space heaps of times. Jim told Kim all about space. Kim became excited and waited for that great moment to come.Kim told his family about the mission. He went to his office and was told that there were some aliens in their way. They would have to fight them. Kim also told Jim about the aliens.On 12th of December 2000 they went to the launching pad and sat in the rocket. It was comfortable. Jim and Kim liked it. Their rocket was launched at 11:00 am.First ...view middle of the document...

Kim was scared a little bit. Then they had some more jerks. They saw that they were above some planet.Kim and his team members were very happy to find the planet. They crash landed on this planet. They had a badly damaged spaceship, but at least they were safe from the aliens.After landing they found that two men were missing. The wounded were helped. Everyone had food to eat. Then they all rested before going to look around the new planet.They went to explore the planet.Kim recognized that the planet they had landed on was Jupiter. They had some weapons with them for their safety. They found out that Jupiter had less gravity than earth.Then they saw aliens which were like apes and they spoke English. They were amazed to find talking apes. When the apes saw humans they became alarmed. They captured Kim and his team members. Kim they were going to be killed by the apes.Kim heard the plan of apes. They were thinking to kill them. They tried to escape but, they were caught again. The apes had a doctor who was kind hearted. He helped the humans to escape. Kim and Jim finally ate some thing and had some rest.After escaping from the apes they came back to their ship and tried to fix it.Then they found there two lost men they were safe and sound. Then they tried to fix their ship but it was not even a hope. There ship was so damaged that they would have to take a new one.Then Kim told every one that there is also another ship coming on the same mission but after 6 months. They had enough food for a month but not for 6 months.They went back to the doctor of apes and took a lot of food for other 4 months. They told every one that they won't have enough food for one month so they have to starve. Every one agreed.After 6 months they all waited for the ship the ship was one month late. So they had to starve for 2 months. They all went back to earth on the new ship.Then Kim met his family and after that Jim and Kim left the job and went to the animal department. There they had a job on apes. Then they all lived happily ever after.

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