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The National Institute of Justice issued a report in 1996 detailing the intricate and complicated connections between the physical environment and crime. One of the interesting concepts in the study was directly related to tenant perceptions and outcomes. The authors called this concept "resident-generated territorial features". In essence, this is how residents outwardly communicated their ownership and value of the neighborhood.

Which leads a conversation about other types of communication -- written and verbal.

The art of communicating in the second decade of the 21st century still involves persuasion, clarity and productivity -- the tools of delivery have shifted from a phone call or message on an answering machine to text messaging and open forums.

Studies show that shouting at someone is the least effective way to reach a positive outcome. To build rapport and encourage open communication with your tenants, check out these guidelines.
Text Messages

Text messages should be clear and on-point. You can announce an upcoming event, send a gentle reminder that rent is due or send maintenance updates. Don't type in all caps or issue ultimatums in a text message. Save legal notices for certified mail or in-person channels.
Printed and Electronic Newsletters

If your property uses a monthly or quarterly newsletter to keep residents informed, don't assume everyone reads the online version. While most of the under 30 crowd have some type of Internet access, older residents, a few college students, and some ethnic groups don't use home computers or mobile devices.

Whether you use online formats, printed paper or both to deliver your community news, use creative designs and colors to make the news interesting. Avoid printing newsletters on red paper. While the color red generates thoughts of energy and passion, some people interpret red as an angry, demanding color choice.
Community Forum

Building a forum for tenants to...

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