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Talking With Animals Essay

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Talking with animals I always interested in animals' gestures and what it could be mean. There was cartoon character called Neelze. Neelze was small boy; he was a bout 10 years old. His family had afield of animals, he used to hurt the animals in the field in different ways as kicking them as a ball with his feet, killing them, and hurting them. Neelze had fun by hurting the animals in the field, but Neelze had a mouse it was his friend named Rat, which he always used to hurt this mouse. Because Neelze used to be harmful for the animals, the god decided to make Neelze as a dwarf, and gave him the power for understanding animals' language. When Neelze saw himself in a very small size, he was very sad because his father and mother could not hear even his voice. Every thing in his body was very tiny even his voice, but Neelze noticed something that he could understand animals, because he heard the animals talking about him bad things, and he noticed that he could understand the mouse rat, and he could speak with him. Neelze's family had a goose, which he used to annoy it too much, but after Neelze began to understand his language, he was a close friend for Neelze. This goose named Morton; Neelze traveled with this goose when this goose tried to run away from Neelze with a group of geese he ridded it as hours. After that Neelze was very helpful for animals because he recognized that animals have feeling, and he should be very kind with them. From that time whenever the animals are in troubles they called Neelze who was a member in the group of geese. When the god saw Neelze is starting to be kind with animals, pity with them, and helpful. The god decided to return Neelze to his regular size, when he got his regular size he was sad because he has to go back to his home and no more understanding animals language. From that time I always imagine that animals have their own language and they can speak.Some times we could understand what do they mean by their movement, but sometimes we could not. Many studies...

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