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Talks About People In Afganistan And Is About The Different Wars And If War Is Necessary

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"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand steady to violence on their behalf." - George OrwellWar is usually inevitable. It can be avoided for awhile, but eventually it will occur. Countries fight over power, religion, money, and land. So is war immoral? Is it ever justified? Imagine what our lives would be like if we never went to war. Many things have came about due to the fact that we have had to fight, kill, and hurt the enemy as well as innocent people in order to achieve the freedom and rights we have as Americans today. For example, we fought for our independence from Britain in the Revolutionary War. There have been many wars we have fought in: some ...view middle of the document...

If Americans continue to let people such as Hussein get away with overpowering and threatening countries, and also supplying funds and weapons for terrorists, than we can never be safe. I heard once that "If a man doesn't stand up for something, he will fall for anything." We have to stand up for what is right or evil will prevail, and bring our country down. President Bush states in his address to the nation on terrorism: "Yet, as we have learned, so suddenly and so tragically, there can be no peace in a world of sudden terror. In the face of today's new threat, the only way to pursue peace is to pursue those who threaten it. We did not ask for this mission, but we will fulfill it" (Dollarhide.)If we had not gone to war with Saddam, he would have continued to build and hide weapons of mass destruction and probably use them on us in the future. President Bush also says about Saddam that he's, "a man who hates so much he's willing to kill his own people, much less Americans." And Bush notes, "We must do everything we can to disarm this man before he hurts a single American"(Way). Saddam has already proved to us that he will kill his own people in order to get what he wants, so why would he not use weapons of mass destruction on Americans whom he intensely hates?As we watched the World Trade Center go up in flames, while many of our fellow Americans died in terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, citizens in Pakistan and Afghanistan were chanting, celebrating and rejoicing over the horrific, evil acts against our country. Today, Americans still live from day to day with the possibility that other terrorists will strike on American soil. Our country is fighting a war on terrorism, and some U.S. citizens are wondering if the war is going to be effective. Is our country inflicting the same violence and destruction as the Muslim extremists, or are we just defending and protecting ourselves? We are trying to protect our country and others as well; besides, we cannot sit around and let the terrorists continue to "get away with murder." They have already gotten away with so much, not only the 911 attacks on the Pentagon, World Trade Center, and the plane crash in Pennsylvania, but also the 1993 WTC parking garage bombings, and the embassy bombings. The U.S. military must defend our country from terrorists' evil acts of destruction because if it does not, then terrorists will continue harming us. Steve Dasbach, the national director of the Libertarian Party agrees that if we do not punish terrorists they will take away our freedom. He says that "Terrorists see their September 11 attacks on New York and Washington as a victory. Let's not hand them another victory by hastily enacting laws that will permanently reduce Americans' freedom."The Muslim Extremists in the Middle East were taught to hate America. According to John Perrazo, Muslim Extremistshate us because we are not like them, and we help, protect, and aid Isreal. They were brain washed to hate...

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