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Talks About The Book The Greek Gods English Essay

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Johnson 1
Sarah Johnson
Ms. Spano
Freshman English Period A
09 October 2014
The melody of love
A silent hush grew across the land but only a few new why. It all starts with a man named Notro that wanted a life without song or instrument. He found it to be the most boring sound he has ever heard. Every time Notro heard the songs being played his head nearly blew up. Music was a sound that Notro could live without but what made him so irate was the fact that everyone loved it so much. The hatred of music grew more each day until the time his life changed before his eyes.
In Mount Olympus, Apollo, the god of music, decided to build an outdoor theater for the beautiful voices to be shared. Notro hated the sounds that carried across the land from the theater. This made him so frustrated that he could not take it anymore and desired to find a way to stop all the singing around him. Notro was so aggravated at Apollo for doing such a thing, especially because it was placed right next to Notro, so he needed to do something. He thought he put a curse to take music away from everyone forever but the plan failed and Notro made a big fool of himself.
However, a beautiful girl did catch Notro’s eye while being jeered at. It was a love at first sight moment, Notro wanted to meet her as fast as he could. After the crowd left, he found out that the girl’s name is Julia. The two loved each other and Notro strongly believed nothing could ever break them apart. Moreover, this all changed the day Apollo came back to Mount Olympus. More gods were singing every day. Happiness was abundant around the land more than usual and after trying to get rid of song for so long, Notro was mad because it was all coming back. Even Julia started to change. She seemed to be keeping secrets from him and he needed to know answers so he did...

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