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Talks About The Music Of Green Day, Especially The Literal Analysis Of The Lyrics Of Their 2 Songs American Idiot And Jesus Of Suburbia.

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Tales of Green DayBack after filling the past 10 years with mediocre albums, Green Day's American Idiot snagged six 2004 Grammy nominations, and won a 2004 Grammy for Best Rock Album. Some people call their music "punk rock", which makes me immediately thinking about the songs which are popular within the groups of wild children who appear in the streets. If their music is only expressing the craze of adolescences and has not got much meaning then why are so many people flooding to the record stores and the Internet to purchase and download American Idiot? I've been wondering the same question until I actually heard their songs...American Idiot-the anti-war anthemAmerican Idiot was recorded around the time that United States began their invasion on Iraq and this song was also written due to the same event. It is very obvious that the invited reading of this song is that American's invasion on Iraq is so wrong, it is such an unwise thing to do. People who are supporting George W. Bush's idea are all blindfolded by his propaganda.Green Day conveyed the message of intense dislike for war and President Bush by belting out "Don't want to be an American idiot/ Don't want a nation under the new mania/ And can you hear the sound of hysteria..."Throughout the whole song, there are quite a few words and phrases such as "American idiot", "new mania", "hysteria", "redneck agenda" and "paranoia" which cogently speak out the disagreement to war and of course audiences are strongly positioned.Also in the song it says, "One nation controlled by the media". It is a condemnation to Bush's government of how they controlled the media to fool people's views. Every word in the song is so full of emotions, each of them is like a stone pounding on our hearts.From the countless awards which have been won by this song, we could imagine the popularity of it and also the popularity of its anti-war message. However, people who are interested in politics will pay particular attentions to this song especially those who oppose war.Nevertheless, just like every coin has two sides, there will be people resisting this song and the message the song is trying to instill into your mind. As some may say, "war is necessary when to settle the problems which can't be settled by compromise." American government is constructed negatively throughout this song and without questioning, the government would be the first one to detest this song.Setting the tone and the atmosphere...

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