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High School Computer Curriculum 2/22/01 It is no surprise that our era is called the "age of technology." Computer related professions have more openings and are in need of more employees than any other profession. We have just entered a new millennium and a new century; and computer skills are the key to a successful career. More and more schools are beginning to require computer courses and computer literacy tests to ensure their students a successful future.The curriculum for computer skills prepares students to use computer technology in their schoolwork. They use communicating computers for personal use, for accessing information, for problem solving, and for communicating data. The goals for kindergarten through eighth grade curriculum build on the skills from each previous grade. There are two important goals for the computer skills curriculum. The first goal requires students to learn the important issues in ethical behavior in the use of computer technology. The second goal requires students to demonstrate their knowledge in the use of computer technology. There are ten things students must learn how to do in the classes: keyboarding, word processing, telecomputing, database, spreadsheet, societal issues, ethics, computer terms, operation and care, and independent curriculum software use. The objectives for high school years provide opportunities for students to use the computer independently for personal use and school work. At the end of each course, students need to take a proficiency test to pass the class.There are many schools across America that have mandatory computer requirements for graduation. These schools have a variety of different specific requirements, but they all try to accomplish the same goals. Lee Can High School in Beattyville, Kentucky, St. Thomas' Episcopal school in Houston, Texas, and Department of Defense High Schools each require one year of computer technology. Pinewood school in Los Altos Hills, California requires one semester of computer literacy as well as 20 hours of computer literacy each year. Maize High School in Maize, Kansas and Hanover High School in Hanover, New Hampshire both require one semester of computer courses. All high schools in Wake county, North Carolina...

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