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High Tech Industry In Israel Essay

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Facultad de Economía y Negocios International Business Universidad de Chile

High tech Industry in Israel

International Business

Index31. Summary 41. Introduction 52. Market dynamic 52.1 Relevant Changes 72.2 Targeting and positioning of competitors 72.2.1 Foreign companies' presence in Israel: an advantage for both sides 82.2.2 Microsoft´s implantation in Israel 82.2.3 Intel´s implantation in Israel 92.2.4 Other examples of foreign companies´ implantation in Israel 93. Business Climate 93.1 Strategic Analysis 93.1.1 SWOT Analysis 103.2 Business practices and tentative business and strategies to be considered for investors or companies to be applied in that market. 103.2.1 Business practices 113.2.2 Tentative business strategies 133.3 Analysis of main environmental factors 133.3.1 Legal and political framework 153.3.2 Socio-cultural environment Population and Demography Education Remarkable cultural aspects 173.3.3 Economic environment 203.3.4 Financial Climate 203.3.5 Geographical Environment Geography Climate 234. Conclusion 245. Bibliography SummaryAfter Israel established its independence, Israel military industry developed at a rapid pace, meeting the country's needs for armament and technologies that it could not obtain from its allies. During the same period, Israel was busy developing what was to become the best education and science research system in the Middle East. These world-renowned institutions include the Technion University, Weizmann Institute and Hebrew and Tel Aviv University. It was at the Weizmann Institute where a computer was developed and assembled in the early 50´s.Like many other small countries, Israel has sharply defined scientific and technological policies aimed at enhancing its competitive position. In science, it encourages the establishment of centres of excellence around outstanding scientists, while maintaining a level of quality across the broad spectrum of scientific fields. In technology, Israel strives for high performance through concentration on a limited number of areasThe on going success of the Israeli high-tech industry is reflected in the local and foreign stock markets. Israeli firms provide the third largest number of publics' offerings on NASDAQ and many leading American investors have established presence in Israel in order to support Israel's high-tech firms and benefit from the current boom.Israel high-tech industry is on the way to the forefront of technology in the world, not only in terms of knowledge and development, but also in terms of profitability and added value to the economy. Israeli leaders believe that high-tech industry can lead not only to Israel to a better future, but also to other countries. The opportunity is no longer a game of chance, the industry has demonstrated its need to expand and firmly establish its position as a world leader.It is clear that Israel's high-tech industry today, is...

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