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Taming Of The Shrew Essay

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In Shakespeare time, marriage was seen as a wealthy and social commitment and didn’t involved love. In the Elizabethan Era, women were believed to be inferior to men and were expected to obey men without exceptions. Marriage was seen as business relationships were money was involved, this explained the relationship between men and women and their interests in marriage. Marriages between wealthy families were very common in that time, and were expected to increase the family fortune. For marriage women were expected to have their own ‘dowry’ which in that time was their money and properties they inherited after marriage. However, in their marriage the women lose all their possessions and came ...view middle of the document...

Hortensio then starts to speak about Katherina, that she is a very wealthy and good-looking woman. Petruchio makes up his mind and decides to chase and marry Katherina to get her family’s wealth. However, not caring about Katherina’s persona, he wants to pursue her because she is wealthy not because of her beauty and self-esteem. But before meeting her, Petruchio goes to meet with her father, Baptista, and says ‘tell me, if I get your daughter’s love, what dowry I shall have with her to wife?’ Petruchio wants to be sure how much money she will bring to marriage and that it will be a very large amount.
When Petruchio and Katharina first meet, she does not like him at all. She was still wild and liked to scream. Petruchio tells her that he loves her, but she does not listen. Throughout the talk Petruchio tried to say things to make Katharina stop and stay longer. One time he said "I swear I'll cuff you, if you strike again." It is clear here that Petruchio is trying to make her stay longer and to make her see that he is being serious about her. Petruchio even asks her to marry him, ‘marry, so I mean, sweet Katherine,’ with this Katherina doesn’t resist anymore and so Petruchio speak with Baptista. He asks Baptista if he can marry his daughter. Baptista is shocked, but says yes.
Katharina and Petruchio became married although Katharina didn’t like him. In the beginning their relationship was harsh and we could see that it was going to end because Katherina kept being a devilish person, yelling and insulting Petruchio. However, as Petruchio loved her, he decided to stay with her and started to be hard on her.
He started to yell at her and throw things, impeding her from eating and sleeping. Petruchio does this to tame her, and make her do everything he wants. While Petruchio is taming Katharina, Katharina does everything Petruchio tells her to do.
Petruchio’s Soliloquy that comes at the end of Act 4 scene 1 explains his plan to ‘tame the shrew’ meaning to tame his wife, Katherina. Throughout his speech he compares his wife to a bird that is being trained. At the beginning, Petruchio compares Katherina to a falcon, ‘My falcon now is sharp and passing empty.’ In Shakespeare’s time these birds ‘falcons’ had lots of skills and only answered to one master when trained by them. They were first captured and then trained by only one master. The way Petruchio compares Katherina to a falcon a wild bird, tells us that he will take this wild person and tame her. By his attitude we know that there is no love coming from Petruchio. He says ‘and till she stoop she must not be full-gorged’ meaning that he will not let her eat anything. He does this ‘to make her come and know her keeper’s call,’ so she knows who is her master and that she has to do everything that is told to her. He then says he will keep her ‘watch all night,’ making her to stay awake all night will make sure that she comes dependant on him for food and sleep. This is a way in...

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