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Tampering with the specific DNA that affects how a human may be born is a bad idea. There can be many adverse affects from this. Some may think that the changes they are making will help but, in fact, these could greatly affect how that person lives. If humans are able to change the genetic makeup of a child before they are born, then some drastic changes will occur. For instance, a child is implanted with certain genes that should make it very easy for this person to become a superior athlete; this will not definitely make this person good at sports. Just because the person has the ability to do so from birth does not mean that they will want to. Ronald Bailey stated, "A gene that enhances one's capacity for music doesn't mean that its possessor must become another Scott Joplin or Keith Jarret; genes simply don't work that way". (Rottenberg 269) There may be some positive effects from this testing but they could be very limited. For instance, genetic diseases and disabilities can be avoided from the start. These unborn babies can have their genetic makeup changed to prevent this from happening. Although the child has no say in what is being done, some things may be for a good reason.First, the parents should not be allowed to change their child's genetic makeup to make them as they want their child to be. This does not give the children the right to be themselves. If a child is supposed to be born with a smaller physique then let them be born that way. Maybe they will be a great writer instead of having to be an athlete. The parents should not be allowed to alter their child's genes before they are born without the consent of the child. It is funny to say that, but how would you feel if someone changed the way you were before you were born? What if you were supposed to be very smart and small, and then your parents made you more muscular and you never paid attention to learning because you were to busy being popular. Dinesh...

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