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Tangerine, By Edward Bloor Essay

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Paul has been teased about his huge, nerdy glasses for as long as he can remember, but what he can't remember is how his vision got impaired. Now, he feels less than nothing . Tangerine, written by Edward Bloor is about a kid named Paul Fisher who has just recently moved to Tangerine County, Florida. While he was in Florida, strange things are happening, very strange things, like his school being swallowed up by a sinkhole, lightning striking at the exact same time every day, or a constant muck fire burning in their subdivision. While all of this is going on, Paul is still trying to find the reason for his vision impairment. The choices made by Paul and his brother Erik help teach him how to be a true friend.
Paul is trying to understand what a good friend does, and how to stick up for his friends. Paul, Tino, and his science group went to his house to study, when they were finished, they went outside to play some soccer. Erik and Arthur showed up while they were outside. They got out of their car and were teasing and making fun of Paul’s friends about how they lived on a farm. Tino wasn’t going to take Erik’s jokes, so he said “Yeah. I really like that thing you do, Funny Guy, when you pretend to kick a football and then you go flyin’ up in the air and then you land right on your ass”(204). Erik got very furious, lashed out, and smashed Tino across his face. Erik did this because he has a very short temper and he could not stand the thought of someone belittling him, so he put him back in his place. Paul felt cowardly for not being a good friend and not sticking up for Tino . He could not stand up for Tino because he was petrified of Erik. Paul couldn't feel like that again, he hated the way he felt. Paul knew he was not a good friend that day.

Paul is learning to be a true friend and is now sticking up for his pals. One day Paul went to school on a very cold day and realized that a lot of kids were missing...

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