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Tanning And Skin Cancer Essay

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"Skin cancer is the most common of all human cancers. Some forms of skin cancer are diagnosed in more than one million Americans each year." ( says Dr. Michael Lehrer. The most prominent cause of skin cancer is over-exposure to sunlight and/or sunlamps. Another doctor, Dr. Boiko, says that some patients are surprised to learn that their skin damage (that they are seeking medical help and procedures for) was from radiation from the sun or tanning light, in some cases both (American Cancer There is much evidence to show that excessive exposure to the sun and/or U.V tanning beds increase the risks of obtaining skin cancer.There are many causes of skin cancer. Some of them include U.V. tanning beds, (i.e.: over exposure to sunlight and sunlamps.) immune system disorders, and x-rays, but the most common of all is tanning. ?Lights may increase one?s risk of suffering skin damage? (Lynne Lamberg, 1990). The truth of it all is that tanning is one of the most dangerous things that a person can do to themselves. ?UVA alone may lead to development of skin cancer.? (The Skin Cancer Foundation - Lynne Lamberg, 1990). UVA and UVB rays are the radiation from the sun that penetrate the skin and cause tanning, the redness or brown pigment you see when you sit in the sun. UVA and UVB rays are rather damaging to the skin. The rays are prone to cause early wrinkles, and skin cancer. Also, these ray cause your skin to turn to a brown or red color, as stated above. ?A tan is the body?s desperate attempt to protect itself from the suns rays.? ( - American Academy of Family Physicians 1996-05). Although UVA rays take longer to penetrate the skin, it is just as harmful as UVB rays. ?UVA radiation is very degenerating to the skin.? says Dr. Bake. ?Some people have really leathery looking skin at an earlier age from regular exposure (to sunlight).? ( - American Cancer Society). Immune system disorders and x-rays are rare, but they are still around. Immune system disorders and x-rays can still cause skin cancer and/or skin damage.There are certain precautions one can use to prevent and test (or examine) for skin cancer. One thing The American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that a person can do to help is to avoid being in the sun for extensive amount of time. ?The key is to avoid being in the sun or using sunlamps.? Another helpful hint for keeping your skin healthy is using sunscreen. The sunscreen a person should choose should be SPF 15 or higher. Sunscreen will block the harmful UV ray from penetrating the skin. Also, ?Remember that clouds and the water won?t protect you-60 to 80 percent of the suns rays can go through the clouds and can reach swimmers at least one foot below the surface of water.? A person could wear tightly knitted clothing and wide brimmed hats. ( - American Academy...

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