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Designing a tanning salon in the most efficient way possible provides a multitude of benefits. A well-crafted layout allows you to maximize revenue while expediting customer sessions to increase turnover and enhance profits.
The industry experts at ProSun have consulted with salon owners on hundreds of start-ups. If you’re interested in creating a truly successful studio and making the most of your available space, we can help you discover how to draw your target clientele and design a salon that delivers the utmost in longevity and profitability.

Location, Location, Location
Every small business owner is aware that finding the prime location is the first key to success, but finding a ...view middle of the document...

We’ll work with existing storefronts to create drawings that are ready for the architect of your choice.
This salon space was 1200-square feet unimpeded by windows or columns, allowing ample room for the eight tanning rooms desired by the customer.
Other useful features of this storefront included:
• Central double doors at the front of the store
• Large display windows on either side of the entrance
• Convenient and available space for a computer/utility room and restrooms at the rear of the building

Tanning Bed/Booth Placement and Selection
The comprehensive ProSun line of sunless tanning systems offers a variety of options in power levels as well as upgrades including aromatherapy, integrated MP3 players, vibrating message plates and internal cool-mist sprays. The studio owner chose a standard ratio for a salon of this size.
• 1 – Pura Sunless tanning system
• 1 – V5 Tanning Booth (12-minute sessions)
• 1 – Onyx basic level bed
• 2 – Luxura X3 beds (Level 2, 18-minute sessions)
• 2 – Luxura X5 beds (Level 3, 15-minute sessions)
• 1 – High-end Luxura X7 bed (Level 4, 12-minute sessions)

Required Improvements
Recommended room sizes for the ProSun tanning beds listed above are as follows:
• Luxura Line X3 – X7: 8 X 9 Feet
• Onyx: 7 X 9 Feet
• Pura Sunless: 9 X 8 Feet
Other design considerations include:
• Hallways that are at least 48” wide. The illustrated design includes hallways 4-3/4” feet in width, which is more than adequate. Your state may require 5-foot hallways. If so, we will allow for that in your studio design.
• Doors that open on a radius of at least 3-feet. The rooms must be large enough to allow doors to swing freely with...

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