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Tanning Tax Essay

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Tanning beds have helped people for years to catch the natural glowing look that normally would be from the sun, but now Congress has passed a Health Care Bill that allows a ten present tax on all indoor tanning beds. Are people paying the tax for the convenience or to help with the Health Care in the United States? Congress tells people that the tax is to help pay for the treatment that an individual must have because of the harm ultraviolent rays have on a person’s skin. (New York Times) I just wonder if Congress thought about this tax to its full capacity. If Congress has not noticed the United States is in a recession, meaning jobs are scarce and debt is high. Congress is adding a tax to the working class as if it is non-other than a mere change in the wind. Wind blows in different directions all around and can become violent; this tax will do just that to the working class. This change in the wind might just turn into a tornado for disaster. Who does Congress think owns theses tanning solons; the working class, small business owners, and industrial companies and these owners are going to be hurt severely financially. The tax on tanning beds is preposterous. The tax does not help with the health care problems of the United States but on the contrary, the tax worsens the recession, helps Obama’s debt crisis, and strongly targets certain individuals.
The unemployment rate is at one of its highest peaks with small business closing every day struggling to keep the economy alive on life support. One article explains clearly the emotions going through congress’ head. “Many unpleasant situations do happen in our everyday life… Try to understand that the fear is only a figure of your imagination.” ( this obviously expresses that congress is not taking the American job downfall to heart. They even seem very calm about the situation. The tanning tax will definitely impact the tanning industry. Many tanning solons and small tanning businesses are already feeling the tug at their wallets from the recession and now this. The consumer of the tanning industry is just the average person next door and we all have a neighbor that we know who is suffering financially. When push comes to shove one will likely choose a necessity over a luxury. I just wonder is congress trying to put the country’s people in a panic. July 1, 2010 the tanning tax went into effect; a ten percent tax on all indoor tanning using ultraviolent radiation was passed. This tax is supposed to help those that need help with skin cancer treatment. By congress taxing the tanning industry, for this reason leads me to ask what is next. Is congress going to pass a tax for going to the beach? This tax seems like only the beginning of what is to come.
During the Obama campaign, Obama made a promise to take a charge for change, but little did the public know what change they were in for. Obama also promised that the public would have five days to look online and find out what...

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